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9 businesses you can start in India today

Are you looking to start your own business in India? If so, congratulations! Being an entrepreneur can be incredibly rewarding both financially and personally, but it also requires a lot of work and dedication. Luckily, you can jump-start your career as an entrepreneur by using this list of 10 businesses you can start in India today. While some of these options are more lucrative than others, they’re all completely legitimate ways to get started earning money online in India, and they’re sure to grow over time, offering you the potential to earn even more money down the road if you put in the necessary work.

1) Business Idea # 1: Cafe and Restaurant


Restaurant and cafe business is growing at a rapid pace. Today there are new cafes opening every day. Many entrepreneurs have now taken up investing in restaurant and café business to earn a good income for their family and for their future. If you have always wanted to take up running your own coffee shop, then why not give it a try? It’s easier than you think! Start from what you know best, take classes from other professionals, if necessary, but don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet.

2) Business Idea # 2: Supermarket and Grocery Store


If you’re looking to make a difference while making some money, then starting a supermarket or grocery store is a great way to do both. The grocery business isn’t just about selling food; if done right, it’s also about providing outstanding customer service. You might not be able to control what customers buy at your stores—but that doesn’t mean you can’t influence them!

3) Business Idea # 3: Travel Agency

travel agency

A great way to make a living is by owning a travel agency that can arrange tours, transportation, hotels and anything else related to getting people where they need to go. This business doesn’t require an extremely large investment and will also give you more free time to explore your own travels. It does require a certain amount of networking with agents from many different places. If you enjoy making new friends and creating new opportunities for others, then perhaps starting a travel agency is right for you. Another option would be looking into tour packages for individuals or groups who have already decided what city they wish to visit next but don’t know which places within that city are worth seeing.

4) Business Idea #4: Mobile Shop


If there are poor people living near your place, then starting a mobile shop will be profitable for you. Mobile shops do not need lots of investment, even Rs 5,000 is enough to start it. Almost every poor person uses mobile phones. So why not sell mobile accessories at reasonable prices from their place itself? You can sell chargers, data cables and many other things to them. Start with one product and add new products as per demand. That’s it! You are a business owner now!

5) Business Idea #5: Car Rentals

car rental

Car rental is a service that is usually overlooked, but it has immense potential to flourish. And if done right, it can also be your source of income. If you’re looking for business ideas to make money online, a car rental business could be just what you need. Here’s how you could go about it: # Step 1: Identify your location. A major factor that decides whether or not car rentals will do well in your area is its population density and climate.

6) Business Idea #6: Tailor Shop

tailor shop

You can either purchase a ready-made design of your choice or have an original design created. A tailor shop is great for short-term business success and long-term income generation. In addition, tailors are commonly available, inexpensive to hire, and do not require advanced training or licensing. One good thing about opening a tailor shop is that equipment and supplies tend to be affordable as well (compared to starting up other types of businesses).

7) Business Idea #7: Travel Booking Website

travel web

If you have time on your hands and would like to make a little money, consider putting together a travel booking website for hotels and attractions in your city. It will take some time, but if successful, it could rake in significant revenue over time. Get started by looking into potential demand for local travel services on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Business Idea #8: Cake and Bakery Shop

bakery shop

This is one of my favorites. Cakes are a huge trend right now—you might not have realized it, but dessert shops are popping up everywhere, and cupcakes and other confectionaries are selling like hot cakes (get it?). You’ll need to invest in equipment, but most bakers work from home or a shared kitchen space with friends.

9) Business Idea #9: Internet Cafe/Cyber Cafe

internet cafe

Believe it or not, there are still many people who have never used a computer. And even those who have, still choose to use public computers. If they aren’t near a library or other venue with public computers, they will use what is available: an internet cafe. Running an internet cafe is another good business that combines opportunity with financial gain. Here’s how it works: At the same time, provide access to computers and high-speed Internet (if possible) for your customers at a price they are willing to pay—but don’t break their bank either!

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